Training Services - Database Enquiry (SQL)

The majority of database management systems these days use a common queryt language known as SQL (Structured Query Language). While many of the newer data applications take much of the hard work away, there is currently still regularly a need to interrogate the database directly, to extract the dataset you need for a particular project, to correct some bad data, or to simply derive some summary data or information for a report.

SDC offer a range of SQL training courses to enable you to extract value from the data you have, and get the answers you need.

The training courses offered range from the basic SQL courses for new users, to skills in referential integrity, stored procedures, and creating queries to feed other systems.

Additionally, we speak more than one SQL, given our experience with -

  • SQL Server
  • Access
  • Ingres
  • Progress
  • Sybase and
  • Oracle

Give us a call and ask us about your specific needs.

The best bit is that we don't teach you on databases that have Employees and Managers and Orders and Line Items....

Whether its at your place or ours, we'll teach you using data thats relevant and meaningful to your tasks.