Training Services - Database Administration

It's fine having the best database on the planet when it is first set for you, but like a motor vehicle, without the required 'routine maintenance' the performance and reliability can suffer with time, leading to frustration, and often a falling integrity as users lose patience.

Additionally, database security and risk management need constant work if they are to be kept at the standard your data requires.

SDC has over 25 years experience on all types of databases resident on the smallest of desktops, to databases with billions of records. From Windows to Linux and Unix and with databases including -

  • SQL Server
  • Access
  • SQLLite
  • Nexus
  • Ingres
  • Progress
  • Sybase and
  • Oracle

SDC can provide the training, at your place or ours, to setup, administer and tune these system yourself.

Again, a SDC goal is to help you become self reliant, and able to deal with the database administration tasks in house.

Call us to find out where we could help you!