Training Services - Overview

We've all heard the old saying -

'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day..
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime'

Well, it applies equally as well to rocks and numbers as it does to fish!

Why ?

Providing training for your workforce does far more than simply help them do a better job.
It also helps to -

  • Improves performance, productivity and quality
  • Enables a safer work environment
  • Promotes a sense of ownership of their job or role
  • Helps them become part of your team!

What if you train them, and they leave?' I hear you say you say? 
...... What if you don't, and they stay!'

Our Aim In Training

Our aim is to provide practical, on site, application oriented courses, to assist your organisation in gaining maximum benefit from the investment you make both in the data you collect, and the computing tools you use.

SDC provide training courses in both the UNIX and PC environments. The courses cover a broad range of both application and systems administration skills.

Practical "Hands On" Courses

Theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects are covered to enable the users to both make use of the software, and at the same time understand what they are doing; an essential part of getting the most from any system.

On Site Training

Training can be done either on site or in our offices in Brisbane.

Site training has the advantage that it can be presented in a number of smaller sessions which can be fitted around operational requirements and work schedules. It has the disadvantage that staff can be disrupted by site problems.

Off Site Training

Training in our Brisbane office means course-work is completed in a continuous and focussed manner, but has the disadvantage that staff are absent from site for that period.

Flexible Duration

The duration of the courses is varied according to the background of the attendees. SDC sees no benefit in covering ground that is either already familiar, or is of no value in application terms, to the attendees.