Systems Administration Services

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Systems administration services are what any IT environment needs every day. But for whatever reason it will always fall to the bottom of the priority list until everything goes wrong.

What It Involves

The role of a system administrator can be very diverse and the list of responsibilities can range from 5 hours a week to full time depending on the circumstances of the practice. You will find that the role of a system administrator will, at a minimum include:

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of both software and hardware systems.
  • Ensuring up to date security measures are in use throughout your practice.
  • Management of the network active directory accounts.
  • Troubleshooting any problems that staff cannot fix on their own.

What Else It Could Involve

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  • Staff Training and Support.
  • Software and Hardware Installations and Upgrades.
  • Technical Documentation.
  • Email Configuration and Maintenance.
  • Systems Automation.Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Firewall Configuration and Monitoring.

Why It Is Done

A good systems administrator keeps your systems working smoothly on a day to day basis, but should also try to improve the efficiency of staff's use of technology and the systems in place throughout your practice. Some major benefits to having a systems administrator include:Holding Chart

  • Confidence that your systems are stable, allowing more work to be achieved by staff.
  • Lower maintenance and recovery costs.
  • Able to identify and resolve problems before they cripple your business.
  • Quick response times when something goes wrong.