Systems Documentation

Systems Documentation can cover a very broad range of documents within any industry including IT. Documentation is especially critical where decisions have been made and should be followed by a responsible party.

What It Involves

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They key to good documentation is that it is clear and concise, so that anybody other than the author can pick it up and understand it easily.In many cases, it is more beneficial for a technical document to be prepared by a group of people. This way you will find that the final output is complete and readable and you can be sure that everyone is on the same 'sheet of music'.

What Is Produced

Documentation would have to be amongst the most despised word in the IT industry. If you ask most people, they would dive into a situation head first and deal with the consequences as they arise. But reality is, that without it the world would not go around.Some major forms of documentation include:

  • Requirements Documents.
  • Hardware and Software Registers.
  • Technical Software Specifications.
  • Network Documentation.
  • User and Systems Help Files.
  • Marketing.
  • Practice Rules and Procedures.
  • Risk Management Procedures.
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Why It Is Done

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When developing software, documentation and design and is first and most critical component in any software development lifecycle. The design documentation is the single source of truth for developers and the business to clearly outline how and why any proposed development is viable.