Application and Data Migration

Application and Data Migration is the process of migrating one system data and settings into another. The most common case of this is when an existing system requires upgrading to a more current application to improve performance of both the systems aIdea Tablend staff productivity.

What It Involves

For most corporate systems there are usually 2 main components involved.

  • The front end  application
  • The back end database

Upgrading the front end application is the easier of the 2. Usually this is as simple as installing the required software and configuring any business rules and logic into them.
Migrating the old database or file system to the new structure is the second step that typically requires some more detailed thought. A normal process flow would involve:

  • Identify what information needs to be migrated into the new system
  • Determining and understanding the data schema of the new systems data storage
  • Mapping and Converting the data from the old source to the new

Why It Is Done

As time goes on, systems that where once the latest and greatest quickly become old and outdated. More advanced and easy to use system will become available, but business's often put off performing the necessary upgrades because of the risk involved with losing all of your important data in the current system.
With over 25 years in the Software Industry, we come across situations like this all the time and have the knowledge and tools needed to safely upgrade your applications and databases to the new formats required.