Systems Audits and Reviews

System Audits and Reviews cover a large range of different processes used to evaluate a business's current systems (both hardware and software) to ensure that they meet current technology standards. All too often a system will be in place for many years, and because of the advances in technology there can be many risks now associated with the outdates systems.

What It Involves

Kneeling Mag GlassPerforming an Audit or Review on your systems involves our staff visiting the site in question and thoroughly going through the all of the systems in question. The systems we can cover things like:

  • Standard Desktop Installations
  • Custom Software Implementations
  • Websites Security
  • System Administration and procedures.
  • Client and Server Hardware and Software
  • Network Configuration

What Is Produced

Once the Review is complete, we typically provide a detailed report which will outline any identified strengths and weaknesses found. Some example items could include:

  • Weak SecurityExclamation Mark
  • Outdated Software
  • Redundant Hardware
  • Inaccurate Information
  • Failing Systems

Why It Is Done

To ensure the stability, integrity and security of your systems as well as your valuable company and client information.