Database Reviews and Audits

With over 25 years experience in database technologies such as Oracle, Ingres and MS-SQL we have the skills and qualifications needed to accurately audit a database.

What It Involves

Performing a full database audit will involve us having a copy of the Database in question and running through a large range of tests using a system of tools that have been developed in-house by SDC. Using our tried and tested review process, we can help with many of the following:

  • Overall Database ArchitectureHolding Wrench
  • Query and Stored Procedure performance tuning
  • Installation tweaking
  • Table Relationships
  • Referential integrity

What Is Produced

  • Detailed Schema Diagrams
  • Recommendations on how to improve your overall database performance
  • Database statistics including
    • Table Sizes
    • Stored Procedure executing times (and slow points)
    • Triggers
    • Log file issues

Why It Is Done

BroomMore often than not, once a database system is in place and running it is rarely looked at again. And over time just like any system it will need periodic maintenance and review. Databases can grow over time and cause significant slowdowns which in turn jeopardises your staff's overall performance.