Project Initiation

Light Bulb Moment

It starts when someone says "We should put a project together" and ends with a project initiation document. A lot projects will often fail when this important step is skipped over. This is because there is no clear documentation of what the actual project should be trying to achieve.

What It Involves

Idea Table

Three specific steps are, (or should be) involved here -

  • The person with the bright idea develops a Concept Proposal.
  • The concept is examined in terms of its 
    • Latitude or boundarieso
    • Cost / benefit
    • Risk and Feasibility
  • A Project Management Plan is developed to determine things such as the resources required to achieve the bright idea.

What Is Produced

A project initiation document, this will often contain the following:

Business Man
  • The projects goals
  • The scope of the project
  • The business case
  • Project constaints