Holding Hammer

Now that you have come up with the bright ideas, and designed in detail what you want to build, you need to build it! This part of the process is where the programmers write and test the code that runs the system being constructed.

What It Involves

The programmers take the detailed design, (the one that was prepared earlier!), and implement that design by writing the actual computer code. They will also work closely with the database designer to insure the right data is retrieved and written to the right place, following the right rules.

Sitting At Laptop

Part of the programmers job is also to test the individual; components they write; this however is not considered the 'Testing' phase, which is a separate exercise discussed on the following page. Additionally, if the programmer suffers a momentary lapse of reason, they may accidentally document some of the processes and logic they have used in their code.

What Is Produced

  • Physical computer programs.
  • A related database or lists of modifications to an existing database.
  • Maybe some documentation or some form of instruction as to how to use the program

Why It Is Done

Holding I BeamSo you have more work to do.