Deployment and Updates

Once all the required work in the release schedule is completed, the changes are then compiled into a deployment package.

What It Involves

Once testing has been completed for the release, the person responsible for the deployment will follow a series of steps outlined in deployment document. The typical steps for deployment involve:

  • Building the deployment package
    • Holding ClipboardThis is the process of gathering all the required files that the program uses to run. These files are then packaged into a single file
  • Any required database changes are gathered together
    • These changes will applied to our testing database for the next step
  • Testing the deployment package
    • The deployment package is then tested on supported operating systems, so as to insure that the program is installed correctly

Once the deployment package is verified as working, any database changes will be made to the live database and the update will be rolled out.

What Is Produced

  • A full client installation file for new user installations
  • An update file for existing users
  • Database scripts for making changes to the database

Why It Is Done

Sitting At LaptopWithout the creation and testing of the deployment package, it would be very hard to keep existing users up to date, or allow new users to use the software.