What We Do


Software Design Consultants is an IT applications developer, specialising in database design and application development. We have provided services to a broad range of industries and professions, notably financial planning and investment, mineral exploration and mining, and agriculture.

SDC specialises in the management of data.  We offer services and assistance in the use of a broad range of technologies, in both Microsoft Windows and Linux / Unix environments.

Support and training in the use of application development tools, database management systems, and a variety of office productivity tools can also be provided

.Our knowledge and experience with a wide variety of proprietary packages in common use in both the technical and commercial areas of industry allows us to assist in the use of these tools in your organisation.

Our Background

Software Design Consultants was incorporated in 1985 to provide operational, management and data processing, consulting and development services.

Stock Market

The extremely rapid growth of the data processing industry over the last few years has seen the emergence of a large number of hardware and software suppliers. Many of these lack an adequate depth of knowledge and experience to successfully address the applications currently being demanded by this industry, and the associated problems being encountered.

SDC's reputation has been built on both the formal technical qualifications and the many years of experience held by its staff, which enable it as an organisation to address these requirements.

SDC's resources include a network Linux and Windows workstations, and a range of database management, CAD and mining application software that enable it to provide in-house data processing and development, in addition to on-site services.