The SDC Difference

Our Vision

We seek simply to help our clients identify and collect the necessary data, the whole data, and nothing but the relevant data, to have and Sitting Round Tableto hold, to love and to protect.

We seek also to help you understand the importance and value of the data that underpins your projects, and to help you evaluate and allocate the resources necessary to make the most profitable use of your data investment.

So What Makes Us Different?

We're IT people who really know and understand data management and analysis.

Our practical and logical approach to problem solving and design means our systems stay in production for many years.

We allocate a significant portion of our revenue evaluation of Scientistnew technologies, and research and development of our own products, based where appropriate on the practical application of these emerging technologies.

We provide our clients with web based access to our task and issue management systems, allowing a high degree of transparency and interaction for better support.

We work hard to share our knowledge with our clients, not to keep it to ourselves; encouraging you to take full ownership of your data 1630_orange -man -writer -penning -a -book -writing -of -informationasset.

We provide and encourage continuous learning within our workplace, along with practical application of the skills acquired.

We encourage innovation, application and cooperation, as well as a community spirit, through our involvement in a number of community service projects.