SDC At a Glance...

For the past 25 years Software Design Consultants (SDC) has provided data management services to many organisations both here in Australia as well as Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Morocco and Tibet, London, Los Angeles and even desolate Whistler.

Our Skills

With extensive experience in the IT industry we have the skills to undertake the most demanding data management, review, design and development projects.

And having worked with the very latest high performance databases and wiz-bang devices, we can provide solutions that you can use anywhere on earth; which is handy if you're always on the go!

Our Services

Very simply, the data you collect is the primary link to your major assets.

Cool GuyOur services are focused solely on assisting you to obtain, store, validate and protect that data, to efficiently order, filter, search and manipulate that data, and then to extract the data or result sets for display, reporting or for use by other software tools.

  • To achieve this objective, SDC provide - Specialist data consulting services to help with your collection, audit and evaluation projects.
  • Database / application specialists to help with your existing systems, or with the evaluation or development of new database systems.
  • Database and systems administration services to help ensure they keep running smoothly, and
  • Training services to help you remain self-sufficient in the use and management of your database systems.

Our Products

Holding ClipboardOur product development is currently focused on the use of new data collection devices, and the integration of these with synchronised database applications on touchy-feely devices that can fit in a real persons vest

Our Clients

While predominantly from the resources industries, SDC have also worked with a broader range of clients, including the agricultural,Graduating Guy timber and financial investment fields.

A sample of some of the projects we have worked on can be found on our Portfolio pages.